Transportation Options


A Note about Ride Shares:

Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America wants to make every effort to cut down the amount of automobile emissions traveling to and from the event. Four weeks, two weeks and one week before the event, we will e-mail a list of people who are looking for ride shares. We will list your name, e-mail, city/state of origin and number of spaces available in the vehicle. Ride share arrangements are your responsibility. Please fully agree to how costs will be shared and what room will be available in the vehicle prior to agreeing to the ride share. If you are looking for a ride share or would like more information about them, please contact Mindy at Also, please be sure to indicate this information in the Travel Information section when you register.

PLEASE NOTE: Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America is acting solely as a referral service for potential carpoolers and does not assume any liability, and makes no representation that any driver is qualified, competent or insured. By agreeing to participate in a ride share you hereby release Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America, any Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America affiliate or Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America representative or officer from any liability, claims and demands for personal injury, loss, theft, or damage to personal property, loss of income, consequential damages resulting from delays or absence of the driver or passenger. Any loss, liability, or injury shall be the personal responsibility and liability of the driver or rider and not of Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America, their affiliates, officers and agents.

Traveling by Car:

For a map of the area, click here or see the map below. Do not rely on your GPS or the map for directions. To download directions to the camp in .pdf format, click here -- for .doc format, click here.

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Traveling by Train:

Consider taking the train into Union Station in Washington, D.C. From there you can take the Metro to Rosslyn Metro Station. We will pick you up. See below for more information.

Note Regarding the Mosaic Shuttle at Rosslyn Metro Station and Dulles Airport:

On Thursday, September 1st, we will stop at Rosslyn Metro Station at 1:45 pm, then pick up people at Dulles Airport around 2:30 pm, then head to camp.

On Monday, September 5th, we will do the reverse. We expect to drop you off at the airport at 12:30 pm and at the Metro by 1:15 pm.

The Rosslyn Metro Station is on the Blue and Orange Lines of the DC Area Metro (Subway). You can get there from:

  1. Union Station by taking the Metro Red Line toward Grosvenor-Strathmore (Shady Grove). At Metro Center, transfer to the Blue Line toward Franconia-Springfield or the Orange Line toward Vienna/Fairfax-GMU.
  2. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) by taking the Blue Line 5 stops in the direction of Largo Town Center.
  3. Fairfax County by taking the Orange Line toward New Carrollton.
  4. Montgomery County by taking the Red Line toward Silver Spring. At Metro Center, transfer to the Blue Line toward Franconia-Springfield or the Orange Line toward Vienna/Fairfax-GMU.  Rosslyn is the first stop in Virginia.
  5. Prince George’s County by taking the Green Line to L'Enfant Plaza (usually toward Branch Ave). At L'Enfant Plaza, transfer to the Blue Line toward Franconia-Springfield.

    For more information about this location, go to:

    The station is located at: 1850 N. Moore Street, Arlington, VA 22209 (GPS: 38.896595,-77.071460)

The Shuttle will be parked in front of and/or near the exit of the Rosslyn Station on 1700 N. Moore Street, Arlington, VA.  For drivers, the GW Parkway, as well as Routes 66, 50, 395, and 1, are all within several blocks of the Metro.

Traveling by Airplane:

We will be using Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Washington DC as the main point for arrivals and departures. However, there are options for anyone wishing to fly into or out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) or Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI). Details are below. Please be sure to read the limitations on not flying into our primary location.

Dulles International Airport (IAD) – Primary Airport

Plan to meet the Mosaic Shuttle at Dulles Airport (IAD) at 2:15 pm on Thursday, September 1st. When booking your flight, please allow enough time to pick up your luggage and get through the terminal. We will meet in the baggage claim area between baggage carousels #2 & #3. (This location has plenty of seating, and is near restrooms, food, and exits.) Click here to see a partial airport map showing where we will meet.

The Mosaic Shuttle will arrive at Dulles Airport (IAD) after 12:30 pm on Monday, September 5th. To be safe, you should book your flight to depart after 2:30 pm from Dulles Airport.

Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

If you are flying into or out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and want to take the Mosaic Shuttle to or from camp, take the Metro Blue Line directly out of the airport towards Largo Town Center Metro Station, then switch to the Orange Line at Rosslyn Metro Station and take it to the end (Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metro Station). Allow about an hour to get between the airport and Vienna/Fairfax Metro Station. The Mosaic Shuttle will pick you up at the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metro Station promptly at 2:00 pm. Sorry, we WILL NOT wait for you, so be on time!!!

Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI)

Rick Dronsky has volunteered to drive a Mosaic Shuttle to pick up anyone who wants to fly into Baltimore Washington International Airport. You need to be at the baggage claim by 2:15pm on Thursday September 1st to meet up with Rick.

Please Note:

  1. Rick will be using the Shuttle for the Post-trip. Unless you are going on the Post-trip, YOU will be responsible for finding a ride back to BWI. Mosaic will make every effort to help you find a ride, but it will be your responsibility. If you are going on the Post-trip, you will have a ride back to BWI airport by way of the Shuttle.
  2. The Mosaic Shuttle coming from BWI will stop at Dulles Airport on the way to the camp to pick up any arrivals, then travel on to the camp. Total travel time to the camp is approximately 3 hours without traffic, which is approximately 1 hour more than going to Dulles airport.

Mosaic Shuttle

There are several options for using the Shuttle:

  • If you are participating in the Pre-trip but not the Post-trip and would like to take the Shuttle from camp to the airport on Sep. 5, then the price will be $20 for the one-way trip. The Shuttle (or ride share) from Pre-trip to camp on Sep. 1 is included with the Pre-trip.
  • If you would like to take the Shuttle from BWI to camp on Sep. 1, then the cost will be $20 for the one-way trip. Please note that if you select this option and are not participating in the Post-trip, then you will be responsible for getting back to BWI on Sep. 5. For Post-trip participants, the Shuttle to BWI on Sep. 7th is included with the Post-trip if you have paid for the round trip shuttle.
  • If you are flying one way and doing either the pretrip or post trip, you must pay for the one-way shuttle.
  • If you are flying in and flying out and taking the Mosaic shuttle or are meeting the shuttle to and from the Metro station, you must pay for the round trip shuttle.
  • Anyone else who wants to take the Shuttle must pay the round-trip cost of $40. There will be no refunds for one-way trips.

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