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Here are the winning photos from the 2011 Wild and Wonderful in WV International Event.

Our sincere thanks to the contest organizer, Susan Wolfson, and to the contest judge, Alan Wechsler.

The winning entries are displayed below. The winners will receive discounts off the 2012 International Event -- $50 for the Best in Show winner, and $25 for each of the other five category winners.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for all of the fabulous shots that were submitted! We look forward to seeing you in 2012!

And the winners are...

Best of Show: Alessandra Boza

Best in Show and Winner of the People Category:

Face with Butterfly by Alessandra Boza

Winner in Action: Rick Dronsky

Winner of the Action Category:

3 Pink Women by Rick Dronsky

Winner in Critters: Jeff Prince

Winner of the Critter Category:

Blue Heron by Jeff Prince

Winner in Plants: Liz Friedman

Winner of the Flowers & Plants Category:

Flower and Skipper by Liz Friedman

Winner in Scenery: Jeffrey Kay

Winner of the Scenery Category:

Tunnel and Scenery by Jeffrey Kay

Winner in Miscellaneous: Jack Bleich

Winner of the Miscellaneous Category:

Man with Squirrel by Jack Bleich



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